Garage Door Spring Repair Fayette County GA

Torsion springs are our technician’s specialty. Changing the springs on a garage door can be a very hazardous job, and need to be carried out by a garage door spring repair Fayette County specialist. 7-10 years is the usual life span of many torsion springs when usually used during new garage door installations. If you use your garage door several times a day, then the springs will certainly reach their 10,000 cycle life expectancy within the 7-10 year time frame.

Torsion Spring Installation

There are a range of issues that can happen during typical usage that impact the springs. When a door hangs on the tracks, the stress in the springs can be lowered, stopping them from helping the lift of the garage door. Even though the smallest garage doors weigh over 100lbs, tension springs experience a great deal of use during their lifetime. Once a year you ought to give your local garage door business a phone call to carry-out some maintenance on your garage door springs.

Residential Garage Door Spring Types

The typical property owner does not spend much time thinking of the various parts of their garage door or how the door manages to go up and down. This all changes, of course, when that door is not functional. Discovering this while exhausted and also upset after a rough day at work is not the very best way to go about things, so we do really hope that this page will illuminate just what it is you are dealing with right now.

The garage door spring is what allows such hefty doors to be moved up and down with convenience. Due to the power and also tension involved, the decision to change garage door springs is not one to take lightly. Take precautions before attempting garage door spring repair Fayette County! Utilizing the wrong spring or installing it incorrectly can lead to severe effects.

The two common types of property garage door spring are:

  1. Extension: When a garage door uses the extension spring arrangement, it usually means there are two extension springs, one  along each side of the overhead tracks that the sectional garage door moves along. These springs function by stretching and contracting to permit the smooth, manageable motion of the garage door. Every extension spring must have safety cables keeping it from flying off the garage door configuration if there is a break. Bear in mind that garage door springs can fail at any time; when the door is down, up, or in motion.
  2. Torsion: While an extension spring utilizes the power to expand and contract to help in moving the garage door, the torsion springs utilize the power of torque to do the exact same. The steady twist as well as un-twist activity of a torsion spring enables the garage door to move up and down smoothly. The gauge of the spring and also the length will certainly depend upon the weight and size of your garage door.

Affordable Garage Door Spring Repair Fayette County!

Extension springs are cheaper yet a little bit more unsteady and dangerous. Torsion springs tolerate much heavier weights and last much longer than extension springs. Your best choice is a torsion spring setup for your off track garage door. While they might cost more, you will save time and have more peace of mind. A correctly set up torsion spring could last many years (maybe even a decade or more) depending upon your pattern of use. When done right, it will be a long period of time before you are dealing with anymore broken garage door springs. So in the end, when you choose quality garage door torsion springs, you save money and hassle!

We promise garage door spring repair Fayette County can count on!